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Businesses that choose to stretch their growth into Walton County can take advantage of the county’s loyal, skilled, and high-quality workforce. Walton County is both a Georgia Work Ready Community and a Georgia Camera Ready Community, certifying to business in general that it has the skilled workforce necessary to supply the needs of business, and to the film industry specifically that it has the resources to host television and film production in the county.

Walton County has a high percentage of residents who commute outside the county for work. More than 61% of employed residents leave the county for jobs throughout the region. These unemployed or commuting individuals represent a supply of labor to new expanding businesses in Walton County.

Nearly 85 percent of Walton County’s workforce have earned a high school diploma/GED or better. Nearly 19 percent have earned a four-year college degree. 

Walton County possesses a capable and primarily non-union labor force with a strong and loyal work ethic. In addition to those workers who reside in Walton County, the county is fortunate to have access to an expanded labor pool of more than 600,000 workers in six surrounding counties.

To learn more about our local workforce initiative, visit Walton Works.


Georgia is home to the internationally recognized job-training program “Quick Start.” Quick Start assists businesses in the customization of job training programs to meet the specific needs of operations locating to or expanding in Georgia. Athens Technical College is one of the state’s providers of Quick Start training. 

Another program that businesses can access is the University System of Georgia’s Economic Development Division which provides a one-stop entry into the University System’s educational programs, faculty expertise, research, and development facilities. This Division has been instrumental in helping companies meet immediate human resources needs and expediting the education of highly-skilled workers to meet specific workforce requirements. 

The Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) works closely with many partners who offer both short- and long-term occupational training and education programs. Career Advisers can provide information about education and training resources that can help customers meet their employment goals.

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