Living Here

Since 1818, Walton County has grown from its historically farming and textile industrial roots to a flourishing and diverse community. Walton County has attracted big business as well as local shops, stores and restaurants unique to the area. Just a short distance outside the Metro-Atlanta area, Walton County’s location, community, and education makes an ideal site for any family or business. 

Businesses that bring their employees to Walton County find that the lifestyle here is one their employees quickly embrace: friendly, nurturing, relaxed. Plenty of land and affordable housing mean there is room for families to spread out and grow, and an easy pace that is in direct contrast to the rush and bustle only 50 miles away in Atlanta. You’ll find a small-town atmosphere in Walton County, and no traffic jams.

Even with a more leisurely pace, however, there are plenty of things to do. Walton County residents enjoy a rich community life, shopping and dining, entertainment, and diverse worship opportunities. Just stretch your imagination, and it could seem as if coming home each day in Walton County is like being on vacation.

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